Clicking Through Sites: Is Less Actually More?

Published:Written by: Igor Pauletič

If your site has great content, is it really there if visitors cant find it? Provide better value to visitors by custom-tailoring their experience.

When it comes to web design, making sure your site is easily navigable should be a priority. If a visitor cannot quickly and intuitively find what they are looking for on your page, they certainly will on your competitor’s site.

SEO and UX professionals have long experimented with new methods and rules to maximize the value and navigability offered on each page. The “three-click rule,” sitemaps, and information scents all have been implemented to increase navigability, but no one magic approach reigns as the best for user experience. These methods aim to solve a common problem, but they in turn create more hassle for the web designer, and sometimes the visitor.

While web designers want little hassle in creating an individual page, visitors are even less patient in viewing — especially if they have already been to your site.

One great way to make sure your visitors get what they want is to use what you already know to provide custom, personalized content. Alpheid can help you do that.

Sales representatives in brick and mortar stores have it easy — if a customer comes in, they can simply ask what their needs are and personalize their experience from there. But when a visitor views your site for the very first time, you have little information about them. You don’t know what their needs are, what problem they are trying to solve, or how to provide something other than a one-size-fits-all experience.

During their second visit, you know what interested them before and how to better connect with them. By the third visit, you should have enough information to know which content they liked, which they did not find useful, and what kind of value you can provide specifically to convert them from a lead to a customer.

Each experience a visitor has on your site should provide better and different value than before. With Alpheid, you can maximize that value in a shorter amount of time to better connect with your customers individually.

Keep in mind that visitors want to quickly and easily find what they’re looking for. If you already know what they want, why not show them? Alpheid can help you do that like a pro! Click To Tweet