The story about Alpheid


What’s the recipe for success? The answer is simple: the ability to quickly adapt to the requirements of a particular environment whilst developing specialised skills that your competition does not have.

 We were inspired by a small crab that evolved special claws to hunt and defend itself. It can snap its claws so quickly to create a cavitation bubble that, at a distance of 4cm, stuns or even kills prey. The bubble bursts with a volume of 218 decibels, travels at a speed of 100km/h and heats up to 4700°C. But on the surface it appears to be just a common "colourful shrimp" that has one pair of claws bigger than the other.

To succeed online, you must constantly develop various ways to attract your clients and adapt to their requirements and wishes. Each client is different meaning that you have to approach and persuade each client individually, like an old friend. In order to do this, you need the right tool.

And Alpheid is exactly that! An excellent tool to make you stand out in the sea of websites that flood the internet, it allows you to:

  • identify visitors and personalise their experience,

  • adapts content to each client individually,

  • offer the client exactly what they are looking for or needs in an instant.

With Alpheid you can instantly impress your site's visitors. Personalisation is the best way to make you stand out in the sea of websites that flood the internet.