Technology and emotions with Alpheid

Where will you invest – in technology or in emotion?

Published:Written by: Igor Pauletič

To move forward you need technology, at least for the more visible steps. So far, in my 20-year career, I’ve not been persuaded otherwise … perhaps because selling and launching innovative technology on the market is what I do. Over the past 9 years, I’ve mainly focussed on the field of business development and customer facing business processes. FrodX = …

Alpheid Audax case study

Audax: Stunning conversion rate growth by more than 7750%

Published:Written by: Miha Breskvar

Would you like to know how we managed to increase client’s conversion rate, with CONTACT US form, for more than 7750% and at the same time develop high level of customer experience? Check out our Audax case study and be amazed how easy it is to eliminate international barriers and connect with your leads on completely different level.

3 Marketing Mistakes That Might Be Losing Your Customers

Published:Written by: Miha Breskvar

You’re likely aware that over the past decade, the utilization of customer data has been the driving force behind a company’s success. The average customer is no longer just going to pop into a store and hope to find what they’re looking for. With increasing access to unlimited information, most buyers research solutions to their problems and search for the …

Clicking Through Sites: Is Less Actually More?

Published:Written by: Igor Pauletič

If your site has great content, is it really there if visitors can’t find it? Provide better value to visitors by custom-tailoring their experience. When it comes to web design, making sure your site is easily navigable should be a priority. If a visitor cannot quickly and intuitively find what they are looking for on your page, they certainly will …