8 steps to significantly improve your online visitors’ experience

Published:Written by: Igor Pauletič

1. Only asking your visitors who have not logged in to subscribe to your newsletter Are you one of those companies that invites all your website visitors to subscribe to your newsletter? If we were to differentiate between those already registered and those who are not yet, we could use significantly more assertive steps asking them to apply. And you …

Website Optimisation 2.0

Published:Written by: Igor Pauletič

I’m always surprised at how we as people perceive digital matters; still as a parallel logic of the physical world. Something that is absolutely logical for us and we strive for in the physical world, can be viewed completely differently when it comes to its digital form. We aren’t yet at the stage where we combine the physical and digital …

Technology and emotions with Alpheid

Where will you invest – in technology or in emotion?

Published:Written by: Igor Pauletič

To move forward you need technology, at least for the more visible steps. So far, in my 20-year career, I’ve not been persuaded otherwise … perhaps because selling and launching innovative technology on the market is what I do. Over the past 9 years, I’ve mainly focussed on the field of business development and customer facing business processes. FrodX = …